Dedicated Reservations

Increase Your Productivity

take your life back
Limousine Call Center provides round the clock service so you don't have to be tied to your business.  Relax, we'll take care of the details.
protect your financial resources
Save money on hiring full-time staff and gain the professionalism of an experienced call center. Our skilled and trained call center agents can create, change, and cancel reservations, just like an in-house reservation agent. However, you save on salary expenses while benefiting from highly professional and skilled representatives handling your daily reservations. 
global service, local quality
We know quality is key to your business success. That is why we only employ U.S. based, English speaking agents with excellent communications skills. All our agents work in our secure office ensuring your clients never hear crying babies, barking dogs or any other unprofessional back ground noise.


Our highly skilled agents are one of the main reasons why our clients prefer Limousine Call Center to our competitors. Our dedicated team provides clients with timely and accurate responses to their questions and concerns, and delivers consistent communication methods to help achieve their business objectives.

The Limousine Call Center Client Services team is 100% focused on your needs and ensuring your success. In our experience of working with our clients, we know that consistent support directly affects the success of your company.
As a growing business, it is essential to keep all calls a top priority even as your attention becomes increasingly needed in other areas. Limousine Call Center is experienced in providing Dispatch services as well as Reservation services. Learn how Limousine Call Center's Dispatch Services can bring success to your operational efficiency.